Pascal Mangold

Founder & CEO Mangold Int. Ltd.


How to Discover Behavior that Cannot be Observed


Abstract: Professional video analysis is much more than just jotting down observations. When properly applied it enables accelerated answers to complex research questions which could otherwise only be achieved at such great expense.

Pascal Mangold shows hands on the most effective and efficient approaches of video analysis within the software INTERACT. The goal is to produce a maximum of usable research results with minimum effort. This can be accomplished with tools that empower a smooth workflow, all the way from video recording to the statistical analysis of observation data collection. The technique must be so professional and precise that it provides all means to an end and does not become a time-consuming obstacle to a study.

This presentation gives a summary of technical aspects for advanced behavior observation and data analysis. The format and use of coding systems, "Time Sampling" versus "Event Sampling", structured versus exploratory approach and time based data analysis are only a few of the many important topics that are demonstrated in this presentation.


Short Biography: Pascal Mangold is the Founder, President and CEO of Mangold International ltd.

Mangold International is a world leader in soft- and hardware solutions for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of data in the fields of behavior research.
The company is located in Arnstorf Germany, in the vicinity of the world’s largest BMW production plant with collocated cluster of high tech supplier companies and universities.

Pascal Mangold has studied Electrical Engineering at the Technical University Munich (elected in 2006 as one of the first three German Elite Universities) and Computer Sciences in combination with Medicine at the University of Passau.

Already at the university he started his career by founding a software company and developing several different software solutions. After receiving his university degree he started working as a software developer for a renowned company and worked himself through different firms within 5 years into an executive level position of a world leading Market Research Company.

Due to his renowned knowledge, Pascal Mangold was requested in 2001 by "Elsevier Science & Technology” Publishing to work on a book about IT-Project Management. Shortly after release of this book in 2002 it became an Amazon Top Seller and has been selected as one of the “TOP 10” books (out of 7000+ different titles) in computer science at It has also been translated and published in French and Portuguese.

Always looking for new and better ways in Computer Science and Technology he decided to quit his job and to found a new company to become a world class developer and distributor for scientific research solutions. Out of a brilliant idea and based on his knowledge in Computer Science and Video Technology he created with entrepreneurial spirit the software solutions, which set the groundwork for the success of Mangold International up until today.

His company was recently awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology as the "#1 Export Winner" and awarded with the "Best Business Award" by a consortium of the European Danube-Moldova Region for his Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Today Mangold International successfully exports its solutions into more than 40 countries.